July 10th, 2020
Theater in the Park-
7710 Renner Rd, Shawnee, KS

by Jason Shields

Due to recent State and County orders we will have to follow these mandates:

- Participants will have to wear a mask when maintaining 6-foot distance between parties is not possible. 
- Dancers will be exempt from wearing a mask during performances but must plan on wearing a mask backstage when not maintaining 6 ft social distancing.
-Shawnee Mission Parks will be marking off areas for sitting with 6 ft distance in between. You and your party will be required to stay within the boundaries of your marked off area.






Show 1- TINY/MINI COMBO- 6:30-7:15pm
Show 2- ELEMENTARY- 7:30-8:30pm
Show 3- MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL- 8:45-10:00pm


Show 1- TINY/MINI COMBO- 6:30-7:15pm
(Dancer arrives at 6:00)
Tiny A, B, C
Mini A, B, C D

TINY and MINI COMBO dancers will come in costume, tights, hair and make-up, ready to go.
Make up for TINY and MINI COMBO is not required but highly recommended.
Dancers will wait with family group in the audience.
Tiny and Mini dancers will NOT have to go backstage.
Each class at a time will be called to walk up to the stage directly from the audience.
Dancers will find their mark on stage.
Dancers will perform both numbers per group back to back.
They will NOT change shoes. They will run both numbers in their soft shoes.
Tap number will also be performed in either Jazz or Ballet shoes as to prevent them from having to change shoes or go backstage.
Once dancers are done with both numbers they will walk down the stage back to their family in the audience and the next class will be called up on-stage.
Parents will be able to keep an eye on their dancer the entire time.
All backstage staff working directly with dancers will be wearing masks to cover face and mouth.
Once our TINY/MINI COMBO dancers are done performing in their show, they are welcome to stay and watch the rest of the show or allowed to leave at any time.
To reduce physical interactions, DADDY/DAUGHTER dances will not be performing this year.
All families who signed for Daddy/Daughter dances will have their accounts credited.

Show 2- ELEMENTARY- 7:30-8:30pm
(Dancer arrives no later than 7:00)
Ballet 1
Ballet 2
Jazz/Tap 1A
Jazz 1
Jazz 2
Jazz 2B
Hip-Hop 1
Hip-Hop 2
Hip-Hop 2B

Show 3- MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL- 8:45-10:00pm
(Dancers arrive no later than 8:15)
Ballet 3
Ballet 4
Jazz 3
Jazz 4
Jazz 5
Jazz 6
Adv. Lyrical
Hip-Hop 3
Hip-Hop 4
Hip-Hop 5
All Tap numbers (2-5)

All dancers will come ready in their first costume, tights, hair & make up.
Dancers will wait in audience until prompted to safely go backstage.
While backstage, each dancer will be given a specific personal area to claim as their own where she/he can keep a safe distance from each other.
If dancer has multiple costumes, it’s a good idea to pack a laundry basket.
Dancers are welcome to bring their own compact chair to set in their individual space.
We recommend all dancers purchase a NUDE LEOTARD to facilitate quick changes backstage since backstage dressing rooms will only be available to small numbers at one time.
All backstage staff working directly with dancers will be wearing masks to cover face and mouth.
We will have plenty of fans, ice and cold water bottles, however please make sure your dancer brings her/his own water bottle clearly labeled.
Each show will be extremely fast moving. Please keep in mind you will have very limited amount of time to change, eat snacks or play with electronics.
Once Elementary Level dancers are finished with their performance they will be asked to go back to audience area and MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL SHOW dancers will be prompted to come back stage.
Physical distance will be carefully monitored backstage.


DRESS REHEARSAL at Theater in the Park
Thursday, July 9th
(No Tiny/Mini Combo)

ELEMENTARY REHEARSAL- Arrive no later than 5:45
6:00- 7:30 pm

8:00- 10:00 pm

Dancers will practice in their costume, no make-up required.
Dancers will arrive and go directly to the audience area.
Elementary rehearsal will have a quick dancer-staff meeting at 5:45
Middle/High School rehearsal will have a quick dancer-staff meeting at 7:45
When prompted, dancers will safely and calmly walk backstage to find their distanced personal area.
Dancers are welcome to bring a compact foldable chair to use in their personal area backstage.
Only non-messy snacks and water will be allowed backstage.
PLEASE limit your snacks to one or two individual servings.
No food sharing will be allowed.

To eliminate the need of paper tickets, and as a courtesy to all our families this year we will NOT SELL tickets this year.
We will however have to limit the number of guests per dancer so we can appropriately follow the new capacity guidelines placed upon our county.
We will also e-mail Show Programs electronically to all our families. You can choose to print your own program or view it from your electronic device.
You will receive an e-mail with detailed information about FREE electronic tickets and DIGITAL PROGRAM in the next few weeks.

Please review your costume list.
If you are missing any costume piece or accessory please let me know.
If you haven’t picked up your costume, please do so at your earliest convenience.
We ask that you keep your costume neat and tidy until recital time.
You may purchase tights at our shop or any other dancer store or site.
You can also recycle tights from past years.
Tights must be Capezio Light Sun Tan (choose footed or stirrup)

TINY COMBO: Pink Ballet (Boys: Black ballet)
JAZZ/TAP 1: Tan Jazz, Tan Tap
JAZZ 2-6: Tan Jazz
LYRICAL: Half soles / Lyrical Pirouettes
TAP 2: Tan Tap
TAP 3-5: Black Tap
BALLET- Pink slippers
BALLET 4- Pink Pointe shoes
HIP-HOP- Shoes in costume bag

Because of the past-paced shows this year, there will be no changes in hair styles.
All ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL show dancers will wear low slicked pony tails or low buns and keep their hairstyles for the remainder of their show.

TINY and MINI COMBO dancers are welcome to have to their hair in any style they feel comfortable.
We recommend half-style (Or half pony) with plenty of curls for all our Tiny/Mini Combo dancers.
Any hair accessory in their costume will be placed on the RIGHT SIDE of dancer’s hair.

Make us is highly recommended for all our dancers, but never required.
Please use a natural skin tone base, and keep eye shadow in neutral colors.
No jewelry is allowed other than stud earrings.
Please remove all necklaces, bracelets or rings.

We highly recommend to all our dancers will multiple costumes to find a light laundry basket in an effort to keep all their belongings in one place.
Please help us maintain order backstage by making sure every dance bag, laundry basket, shoe, costume piece, accessory and water bottle is clearly labeled.

We will be LIVE-STREAMING our show !!!
We will give you exact details on how you can share the video link to all your loved ones so they can actually watch the show in real time. (yay!)
You will also receive a link post- production so you can watch the show without having to purchase a DVD.